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Anthony J. Vlachos ChFC, CIC, CRM, cyRM

Anthony J. Vlachos ChFC, CIC, CRM, cyRM

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

“He who has a Why can endure any How.” - Frederick Nietzsche


Anthony J. Vlachos Co-founded the WizdomOne Group to bring comprehensive solutions to a fragmented industry, by focusing on wealth management, insurance, and benefits solutions. Growing up with a father owning a small business Anthony was exposed to the drive and self-motivating behaviors that are so intrinsic in entrepreneurship, but also realized the extent of time and resources running a business takes away from loved ones. That is “WHY” it has become his mission to highlight and mitigate distracting pain points and allow clients to focus on what matters to them the most.

With over 15 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs and business owners navigate their paths to success, Anthony’s path started in the industry with MetLife where he focused on strategic business planning and earning his ChFC designation all while building what would soon become our WizdomOne Family. After leaving MetLife he began focusing on property and casualty markets while earning his CIC, and CRM designations, which led to him finding his true passion for risk management and eventually becoming Mr. Risk

These days you will find Anthony and his wife Caitlin enjoying the outdoors either hiking or biking, practicing mindfulness, and always remembering to live and love life to the fullest.

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