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Personal Insurance

Protect What Matters To You

  • Life Insurance

    Ensure your business and those you care about are provided for... they deserve it.

  • Disability Insurance

    You never know what can happen. Disability Insurance is here with the hope you never have to use it, but the gratitude you have when its needed so you can can focus on your health and recovery instead of paying the bills.

  • Long Term Care Insurance

    Nearly 70% of people over the age of 64 will at some point need long term care that isn’t covered by standard medical insurance. For some, they will need this care all their lives. Whether they are paying for home health services, assisted living, or nursing homes, long term care insurance offers the protection of assets and control of future healthcare solutions that people deserve and desire.

  • Homeowner's Insurance

    Your home is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make. That’s why you need to protect your home against fire, floods, or other disasters.

    When something happens to your home or your family’s possessions, the distress can be overwhelming. The last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll replace what’s been lost.

    Many homeowner’s insurance policies don’t provide adequate coverage in the event of a complete loss. You want to be sure that your policy provides compensation for: 

    -Reconstruction costs if your home is destroyed or seriously damaged 
    -Living expenses (such as hotels and meals) if you are temporarily unable to live in your home due to a disaster
    -Limited coverage for replacement of jewelry, art or other valuables if stolen, lost or destroyed (You may want to purchase additional coverage depending on the value of your possessions.)
    -Liability coverage if you are sued for accidental injury or property damage (You may also want to supplement your liability coverage with personal umbrella insurance.)

  • Auto Insurance

    Wizdom is the best passenger

    Accidents happen to even the most careful drivers. The best protection starts with having an team that will evaluate your needs, help you understand the options available to you, and then match you with the right coverage at a competitive price.

    We work with you to ensure that you have appropriate protection regarding: 

    -Liability limits
    -Replacement cost options for your vehicle or classic car
    -Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
    -Agreed value coverage
    -Worldwide liability coverage
    -Electronic equipment
    -Full glass coverage
    -Towing and labor

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance

    Protecting the financial future you’ve spent a lifetime building.

    One lawsuit can change everything

    If someone is injured on your property, or because of an accident you caused, you’ll likely be held liable. And, what if the settlement or judgment costs you more than what your home or auto policy covers? How will you pay?

    A Personal Umbrella policy provides extra liability protection by extending the limits of your auto, home or boat policies. Should you be named in a lawsuit, a personal umbrella policy will cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with a lawsuit that exceeds the limits of your basic policies.